Biz Tip #1: Own Your Single Mum Status

Morning everyone, last week I introduced you to my ‘6 Useful Business Tips For Single Mums Running A Business’ and this week I will be talking about the first one...

Being a single mum is NOT a set back! Don’t get me wrong, setting up a business is a ton of work. However, don’t let people's perception of this lifestyle count you out before you even count yourself in. Being a single mum we learn very early on we have skills that are imperative in the business world, which are; multitasking, creativity, managing deadlines. I’m not sure about you but I would put my money on someone with these skills.

It’s been particularly important to me this week because I have had to use all the above skills and more. During this time, I was finding things overwhelming being a mum, a business women... but when my daughter said “Mummy, I love you” I knew from that I was doing just fine.

It would be great to hear about your experiences on this topic.

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Come back next week to learn more about how to ‘Distancing yourself from toxic influences’.

Yours Truly,

Soaad & Ayesha x

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