Our Story

Ayesha is my little girl who leaves me inspired every single day.

It’s my wish for Ayesha to have the opportunities to achieve her ambitions. I want her to be happy, confident and passionate in pursuing her goals and to never ever lose her individuality and her beautiful unique personality.

It’s also what I want for every woman.
“Ayesha’s Attire” is passionate about providing busy women who want to shop online without compromising on quality with a collection of versatile pieces that are modern and stylish.
I hand-pick every single piece of clothing; I select each item based on quality, longevity and versatility, because aspiring women need to invest in outfits that will serve all the opportunities and activities a busy lifestyle offers. 

I hand-select good quality branded clothes at reasonable prices.

For me, when I put something on that I look good in, I automatically feel good, which means I can move through my day with an extra layer of confidence, and who doesn’t need that? Also, having pieces that compliment each other means less time spent deciding what to wear, which in turn means less stress. Win Win!

These pieces are carefully chosen to earn their keep. They can be worn to most occasions by dressing them up or down, so they won’t just be sitting in your wardrobe. Day to evening, practical yet professional and always beautiful, is what you can expect with every season’s collection.

These clothes are here for you, your lifestyle and your dreams.

So, I am Soaad

Ayesha’s Mum & Mum of Ayesha’s Attire

Inspiring attire for aspirational women because I know what you wear affects how you feel

Soaad Ayesha's Attire
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