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How to dress during these times

Hi my lovelies, it’s been awhile, hasn't it? Hope you are keeping as well as can be. I do hope you’re finding my blogs informative and somewhat comforting to read, especially with what’s going on in the outside world. We are in it together and will come out of it together! A couple of months […]

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The importance of getting dressed

Hi my lovelies, I am back talking about a slightly different topic that is very close to my heart and is partly the reasons why I started my business in the first place. We all need a ‘Pick Me Up’. Below are some of the reasons why we should make an effort in getting dressed […]

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How not to get undressed by the online shopping world

Hi my lovelies, it’s been a while since I wrote my last blog. It has been a lot more challenging to sit down, write blogs and other things I need to get done when I have a 4 year old daughter, which I am sure a lot of you can relate to...but, I have finally […]

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Biz Tip #6 Finding The Perfect Work-life Balance is An Ongoing Process

Thinking about how I was going to do it almost stopped me from starting my own business. It seemed unreasonable to think that I'd be able to get everything done that I wanted to get done as a business owner and still be the mother I wanted to be to my daughter. The truth is […]

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Biz Tip #5 Focus On The Positives

There is enough guilt to go around for any parent, so I make a conscious effort to let go and focus on the positives. A lot of the time we need to give ourselves a good talking to when our negative thoughts are starting to creep in. At times, I may have a hectic schedule […]

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Biz Tip #4 - Give Yourself A Break

A business, just like motherhood, is not a 9-5 job. Some days I'm awake until the early hours of the morning and then have to wake up a few hours later to sort my daughter out for nursery and then I’m out working on my business. Be kind to yourself. Fit in some ‘Me Time’ […]

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Biz Tip #3 - Include Your Kids In Your Business

You have to make family a part of your business. I have learnt overtime my daughter is less clingy when I get her involved with what I am doing, for example; helping me set up at an event, meeting the customers, when doing crafty things, taking photographs and when I’m attending casual meetings. All this […]

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Biz Tip #2 - Distance Yourself From Toxic Influences

Distance yourself from toxic people. You don’t have the time or the energy to be dealing with people who are so physically and mentally draining. The business world can be tough at times, therefore you need to surround yourself with positive people that you can call up and give you that lift again. It would […]

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Biz Tip #1: Own Your Single Mum Status

Morning everyone, last week I introduced you to my ‘6 Useful Business Tips For Single Mums Running A Business’ and this week I will be talking about the first one... Being a single mum is NOT a set back! Don’t get me wrong, setting up a business is a ton of work. However, don’t let […]

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Christmas Blog

Are you drawing a blank when it comes to finding the perfect Christmas gift for the ladies on your list? Wife Mum Sister Daughter Aunt Niece Cousin Best Friend Grandma Yourself Our collection offers great solutions for a range of styles and budgets. Here are a few suggestions. Take a look at my other versatile […]

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