How not to get undressed by the online shopping world

Hi my lovelies, it’s been a while since I wrote my last blog. It has been a lot more challenging to sit down, write blogs and other things I need to get done when I have a 4 year old daughter, which I am sure a lot of you can relate to...but, I have finally done it. Sooo here goes...

During these uncertain times we are all having to stay at home and amongst everything else we are doing to keep ourselves safe and occupied we are shopping online a lot more, which is fine as we are now looking at supporting local businesses through these tough times. Having said that, we must be careful when shopping online that it doesn’t leave a bad taste in our mouths. Last month, I was asked by a lady who has a column in the ‘Lancaster Guardian’ to share my 8 top tips to avoid getting ripped off:

1, We are often tempted to buy from social media adverts because it is easy while we are relaxing. So, if you are attracted to something from an unfamiliar company, send out a post to a group or on your page, asking if anyone has heard of this company and what they think of their products or services.

2, Reading past reviews will give a more accurate view of the company and the product. Check as far back as you can, past the highlighted good reviews, to find the real reviews. Then also check their returns policy.

3, Getting the right size first time; every store’s clothing will fit you differently due to the brand, so check the measurement chart. If they don’t have a chart then contact them asking for the measurement of that particular piece. Some sites have reviews about the sizing which are helpful.

4, Pay attention to the height of the model in the photo. It will help you know if it’s the right length for you.

5, Get somebody to measure you – bust, waist, shoulder width and full length. Don’t guess.

6, Make a note of the brands you have bought from before to remember if their fitting, material and quality is good.

7, Use the zoom-in button, which gives you a close-up and a 360-degree view.

8, And finally, contact them if you’re not sure, via email, or just phone them up. Hearing their answers to your questions will determine whether you want to buy from the company or not, from their knowledge of the product and how they deal with you. If there is no customer support then that can tell you all you need to know.

So till next time stay safe and happy shopping

Yours Truly,

Soaad & Ayesha x

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