The importance of getting dressed

Hi my lovelies, I am back talking about a slightly different topic that is very close to my heart and is partly the reasons why I started my business in the first place. We all need a ‘Pick Me Up’. Below are some of the reasons why we should make an effort in getting dressed or actually get dressed, if we spend your days in pj's.

  • You feel good about yourself – It’s very easy to just stay in our pj’s all day as it feels comfortable and we think we are not seeing anybody that not been organised but that does not matter. We should do it for ourselves...look good feel good!

  • Feel motivated to do things – Surprisingly when we get dressed we automagically feel like getting up and doing the things that we need to do.

  • Feel positive about the day – Some days I have felt negative and getting dressed and putting a bit of make-up have contributed amongst other things in me feeling a tad better.

  • It helps distinguish from morning to night and weekday to weekend – During these challenging times where we are very restricted in a lot of aspects and for that reason, our days have merged into one and it’s very easy to dress in that way. During my working week, I would dress up in workwear but making sure it was practical for the mummy duties and then different during the weekend. Like I used to, I have my PJ day on one of the days during the weekend.

  • Ready for the unexpected visitors or errands – We often have friends knocking on our door and video calls checking on us, which was lovely. Therefore, the unexpected encouraged me to get dressed, so I am ready what whatever that day brought.

  • It affects behaviour and mood – I have noticed during this lockdown I have found that if I don’t dress it does affect my mood and behaviour so I make a conscious effort to get dressed and put some make-up on. It starts off my day well.

I hope the above reminders have helped, especially as we go from staying at home to a gradual new normal, which may be hard to adapt to and/or overwhelming. All of the above are based on my own experience.

I would love to know how making an effort and getting dressed has helped you. Let's support each other and give each other useful tips and reminders.

So, until next time stay safe and happy shopping.

Yours Truly,

Soaad & Ayesha x

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